Thursday 9th February 2017 – If it snows you can chit your potatoes!

Another morning on the allotment today sorting out loads more things. I took a car load of stuff up to our local tip. They’re very strict at my tip or recycling centre, as they prefer to be called. You can bring as much recyclable stuff as you like, for example wood, metal, green waste etc. But if you have soil, rubble, basically anything for the “inert” section then you can only bring a small amount or you have to pay. This is a very stupid idea, as it means more people now fly tip! This costs the council more in the long run, so I don’t see what they’re hoping to achieve. Fortunately I only had metal, some general rubbish and mainly wood. The wood are old fence posts, but are crumbling to pieces. The weather was incredibly cold today, so I had on my scarf and wooly hat. Apparently it was 2 degrees, but felt like -1!! It did also try to snow. Thank goodness it was only a few very small flakes, but that’s more than enough thank you. It’s going to get colder over the next couple of days before it warms up again, but only just a tad! So if you’re not mad like me and don’t want to venture outside yet, then you can still do some gardening inside in the warm. Now is the perfect time to start chitting your potatoes, so that they get lovely stumpy shoots on them. Here is how I chit my spuds!

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1 Response to Thursday 9th February 2017 – If it snows you can chit your potatoes!

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, it’s not quite time to chit potatoes here in Nebraska. The rule of the thumb here is to plant them on good Friday. In my experience, chitting only takes about two to three weeks here when the conditions are right. I start them about a month before planting time.

    It’s really good to be able to start thinking about being out in the garden again. Even though it will be about another month before any real activity will begin, I will be getting ready for the new year. Anything that doesn’t require digging in the dirt can begin. The expansion of the sweet corn fortress and start by building two more rock lined raised beds. The beds can be laid out but the actual tilling the soil won’t start until some time in April. I want two more beds for sure and possibly a third. Seed starting will begin on Valentine’s Day with onions and cabbage. Tomatoes will start with a few in March but mostly in April. I have a feeling it’s going to be a good year.

    Have a grea potato chitting day.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

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