Carrie Fisher Tribute

For our family it was a huge shock when Carrie Fisher passed away at the end of last year. We are massive Star Wars fans in our house and it was a sad day for all. We will all look forward to seeing Star Wars VIII when it comes out in the cinema. As a tribute to Carrie Fisher we chimed the Star Wars theme tune at the end of our bell ringing practice the other week. Whoever said bell ringers are boring, clearly hasn’t met the band I ring with. Thank you so much to the other ringers who made this possible.

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3 Responses to Carrie Fisher Tribute

  1. Reblogged this on unusually tall stories and commented:
    This is lovely…

  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, when you talked about ringing bells in the past, I had in mind much smaller hand held bells. I’ve never seen a bell ringing band with stationary bells like in your video. Thank you for sharing. It gives me a whole new perspective about ringing bells.

    Starwars was my second best SyFy series.
    Have a great bell ringing day.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    • No I ring the big bells in the churches. The heaviest one I’ve ever rung was just over a metric tonne!! Yes it’s huge. But I regularly ring ones that are 3/4 or a metric tonne, so a little bit lighter. When we did this video we’re just chiming the bells, when we ring them normally the ring full circle. I’ve been ringing for 30 years now, so play with all the big boys and girls ringing lots of the complicated stuff.

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