Fruit Crumbles Pies

Mark and the kids are a Comic Con all day today, so I’ve been at home on my own. I’ve had so much fun filming what I’ve baked today. I hope you try these Crumble Pies at home. Use whatever fruit you like. I work in old weights so I’ll apologies for that now. If you prefer the other new fangled way of doing things then you’ll have to figure it out. For the Pasty you’ll need: 8oz Plain Flour, 4oz Margarine, 2oz Granulated Sugar and approximately 1.5floz of cold water. For the Crumble Topping you’ll need: 10oz Plain Flour, 4 oz Margarine and 2oz Sugar (whatever you have to hand). My little pies baked at Gas mark 4 for 30 minutes, but if you’re doing a larger pie then it’ll take a little longer, but keep at the same temperature. Enjoy! Mary Berry will be very proud that I had no soggy bottom!

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5 Responses to Fruit Crumbles Pies

  1. Margaret Buchanan says:

    Morning Claire You must be a mind reader ha! ha! I am making a large rhubarb crumble pie today. I am adding some brambles (I think you call them blackberries) some walnuts and some ginger. I have added strawberries to rhubarb before but not today. I see I have a cooking apple left over so I might add that as well. Have a good weekend. Hope you manage to get the extra hour before you go bell ringing.

    • Your crumble pie sounds amazing! I love the thought of adding some ginger to it to give it a bit of a kick. We’re all looking forward to the extra hour in bed tomorrow. Although it’s been half term this week and I’ve not had to get up excruciatingly early. Monday morning my be hard. I’ve got to be up at 6.30am and out the house at 7.30!!

  2. Awesome update thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  3. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, pies are my favorite desert but I’m not a baker. I rely on others to supply me with pie. I have a Ford Ranger pickup and a chainsaw. My motto is “I work for apple pie.” Now that I am getting to the age where I don’t work quite as hard as I used to, the apple pie supply is dwindling. One of my favorite restaurants has a caramel apple crunch that has those crunchy crumbles on top that you talked about. It’s awesome. I have lunch with friends every two weeks at that restaurant and get a piece of pie every time. Well, being there on Wednesday which is free pie day with the purchase of a meal helps the pie eating decision.

    Have a great crumble pie baking day.

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