Thursday 15th September – My first Squashes!!

It was another hot day up the allotment today. We reached 30 degrees!! It’s supposed to be about 20 degrees, so what is going on with the weather? It’s all supposed to come to an end tomorrow, with rain and storms due, but we’ll soon see if either of those appear. We do need a decent amount of rain, we’ve not had any for quite a while. The stream by us became stagnant and the water company tried twice to sort it out, by pumping water into it. We’ve lived here for 15 years and I’ve never know it to go dry ever!! I managed about 3 hours on my allotment today, but didn’t work too hard (well I tried not to, but you know me). I weeded another few of beds and cleared out a load of debris. I was hoping to clear one of the compost beds, which you may remember I couldn’t earlier on this year because some bumble bees were living in. They seem to have gone, but now some wasps seem to be using it for a home instead. I can’t get stung by a wasp as I react very badly. So I’ll just keep my distance and hope they buzz off soon.

I still can't take this down because some wasps have now made a home in it!!

I still can’t take this down because some wasps have now made a home in it!!

I cleared the bed with the Globe Artichokes and Red Veined Sorrel in and weeded it as well. The Horseradish is in the same bed and is doing fantastically. I’ll wait until the leaves have gone brown before I try and harvest some of it. I also weeded the Pumpkin and Squash beds and sorted out the plants. A busy time on the allotment.

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4 Responses to Thursday 15th September – My first Squashes!!

  1. Lovely update you can get a spray to put on them i do not think it will hurt your compost lovelu update thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, my harvesting is almost done. I still have to lift the potatoes and just let the tomatoes dwindle down to nothing. I’m getting a few every two or three days which will probably last another month and the season will be over. I might get another month of garden clean up if I’m lucky before the ground freezes solid.Usually by Christmas the ground here is frozen a few inches deep and by February the ground is frozen nearly a foot deep. By March the thaw begins and turns every thing into muck. So all the fun stuff is over for this year and the preparation for next year begins.

    Have a great weeding day on the allotment.

  3. rajesh kumar says:

    Gardening gives very much joy. It is a feeling which can’t be explained when we see the plants grow. Beautiful post. Keep posting more.

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