Monday 15th August 2016 – Shallots and Kohl Rabi

Another very busy morning on my allotment. Today I harvested all my Shallots and Kohl Rabi. Some of which looks a little strange, but then I’ve grown them, so I wouldn’t expect anything perfect looking. I also managed to dig up another 10 potato plants, which are still producing some great amounts of potatoes per plant.

King Edward potatoes from one plant.

King Edward potatoes from one plant.

I also I also harvested the remainder of my Broad Beans. The pods have now gone black and the beans inside have gone hard, but I’m going to save them and sown next year. They were Bunyards Exhibition and out of all the Broad Beans I’ve ever grown seem to be the best.

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2 Responses to Monday 15th August 2016 – Shallots and Kohl Rabi

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, looks like your allotment is really starting to produce. I’ve been waiting for the potatoes to dry up and they are almost there. The onions look ready. The pumpkins and watermelon are doing good. The sweet corn is done and the tomatoes are really coming into the season of plenty. The green peppers were a bust this year. Not a one produced a pepper. The leaves just went all wrinkly. The plants grew bigger and I couldn’t find any disease or bugs on them but just wrinkly leaves. It must be the soil is lacking something for them to grow. The cucumbers produced about eight or ten nice cukes and then the vines dried up and they died.

    I put in a ten foot double drill of Fall peas. They were planted one on each side of a four foot hog wire fence. Hog wire is a fence with big six inch squares that are big enough for a hand to reach through and pick peas on the back side. My biggest achievement for this year was keeping the raccoons out of the sweet corn. Yea!!

    Have a great cleanup and harvesting time on the allotment.

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