Thursday 30th June 2016 – My first Melon!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that we’re now at the end of June. Where did this month go? The last couple of days I’ve been working, so I’ve been unable to get to my allotment, but today I was back on my plots and continued with the wonderful job of weeding. The rain has made the weeds grow so fast, and when you look at a weed covered bed, you wonder where to start. But I find that going up and down the rows in a systematic way is always the best, then you don’t miss any weeds. It can be quite a boring way of doing it, but you can see what progress you’ve made. The soil is nice and soft, so most of the weeds can be pulled out very easily which is great, as this then doesn’t disturb the crops. I then watered the plants inside my greenhouse and was very pleased when I noticed that my Melon plants are now just about to flower, and under the flowers there are some very small, albeit rather hairy, baby Melons. Hopefully they’ll continue to grow well, and I’ll keep you updated on their progress.

My first Melon!

My first Melon!

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7 Responses to Thursday 30th June 2016 – My first Melon!

  1. lovely news i have a gherkin and some flowers on my toms

  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, I have a tiny little cucumber forming on the volunteer plant that I let grow in the tomato bed. I finally found a pumpkin bud. The pumpkins had to have surgery. My garden is plagued with the dreaded vine borer. If the vine at the base is split open with a pocket knife the nasty little bugger can be surgically removed. I dug out four from the plants. Then the vine is squeezed back together and dirt is mounded up over the base of the plant. A good watering and hopefully the vine will spread out new roots and be just fine. It happens to all vine plants in my area. The plants still look pretty healthy so hopefully I eliminated the problem early enough.

    Have a great melon watching day at the allotment.

    • So glad to hear your cucumbers are growing well, it’s so exciting when you see the first fruits forming. Those vine borers sound and look awful. I hope they don’t damage your crop too much. The stems will send out roots so hopefully you’ll get some produce from the plant and have eliminated the problem bugs.

  3. Vickie says:

    I’ve never tried growing melons as I always imagine they need a lot of growing room and I only have a 6’x6′ greenhouse. I’m sorely tempted though. Do you have any suggestions for a variety to try next year?

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