Monday 30th May 2016 – Potting up Romanesco Cauliflowers!

This afternoon I potted up all my Romanesco Cauliflowers into 3 inch pots. These are wonderful little gems, if you can find them. None of the boring white cauliflowers for us. There are loads of different ones you can buy. If you’ve not had the chance to sow any so far this year, plants are still available to buy. This week I’ll take them down to the allotment and put them in the greenhouse there. In about 3-4 weeks time, I’ll then plant them out in the allotment. But I’ll keep you updated on their progress and show you when I do that. I also potted up some more Tomatoes. But I’ve got loads of plants to move to the allotment greenhouse before I find room to re pot all my tomatoes. It’s going to be a case of little and often with the Tomatoes, but I’ll get there…..hopefully soon.

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2 Responses to Monday 30th May 2016 – Potting up Romanesco Cauliflowers!

  1. Martin Groenendijk says:

    Hi Claire,
    Just want to let you know that I am really enjoying your blog.
    Although my wife always was and still is a keen gardener, I just started a vegetable garden with greenhouse etc.
    We live in Holland but for the last 15 years we also own a house on Skye in Scotland, where we transferred a bog into a real garden, I must say that my wife did the most work, but I helped her where I could.
    Please go on with your blog, it teaches me a lot, thank you for that.

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