Tuesday 17th May 2016 – Dig for Victory!!

Both my allotment and the film I went to see are connected. Firstly I was down my allotment for just over an hour this morning planting out my Kohl Rabi “Modrava F1”, and then when I had finished that little task, I then went off to our local Odeon to see “Dad’s Army” at the 11 o’clock screening that they call “Silver Cinema”. It’s the first time that I’ve been to one of these screenings, and I believe the first time I’ve ever gone to the cinema on my own. The audience was mainly retired old folks and I think I was the youngest by about 20 years. The Silver Cinema screenings are very civilised as they give you a free cup of tea or coffee and some biscuits before you go in. Mark, Emily and I are all “Limitless” cinema members. George isn’t old enough yet, you have to be 16! You pay from £17.99 a month and you can go and see as many films as you want. This month I’ve seen 6 movies! The film was really good, and the casting was perfect. After the film had finished I went back down the allotment and continued where I’d stopped before the film. I managed to plant out the remaining Onion Sets that I had left, and some more Sweetcorn, this variety is “Swift F1”. After another couple of hours planting away it was time to starts heading back home. The kids would have been arriving home from school soon, and are always hungry when they get in. So another successful day on the allotment and lots more in.

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2 Responses to Tuesday 17th May 2016 – Dig for Victory!!

  1. Awesome update thank you for sharing have a blessed day

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