Monday 16th May 2016 – It’s all starting to go in.

I love this time of year when you are finally able to start getting all those plants that you’ve lovingly sowed months ago, and then potted up carefully into 3 inch pots a while back, finally into the soil. This morning was a very busy morning. The first thing I did was to plant out 36 “Ironman” Broccoli plants. Make sure you protect them from the slugs and snails and also net them well from the birds and butterflies. I then sowed a line of Beetroot “Chioggia” and also a line of Salsify “Mammoth Sandwich Island”, and then finally 28 plants of Sweetcorn “Sweet Nugget”.  So that’s 2 beds nearly full, lots more to go. I’ll do more tomorrow, but I may get the chance to get in the greenhouse at home this afternoon.

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3 Responses to Monday 16th May 2016 – It’s all starting to go in.

  1. Awesome update thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, coffee time? I didn’t know it was allowed in England. Just kidding. You don’t hear about folks drinking coffee much in U.K. I mostly hear about tea time in the British videos. 🙂

    I found the segment on transplanting corn fascinating. Living in the farming part of the USA, I had the understanding that corn didn’t transplant well. Thousands of acres of corn are grown in my state of Nebraska every year. It is the main crop that is grown by the commercial farmers. The end of April is planting time for the corn farmers here. It’s about two weeks ahead of the last frost date but takes about that long to germinate so even if there is a frost, it doesn’t hurt the corn plant. My first bed of sweet corn should be making an appearance any day now which will spark the necessity to plant the next bed. Hopefully, my sweet corn fortress will keep the raccoons out so I can have some corn this year.

    Yes, it is a busy time of the year. Add in the factor that I mow grass in three different locations once a week and it makes for a busy time of the year. The lots that I mow are chemical free lots so I can catch the grass and use it as mulch in the garden. It has lots of clover mixed in with the grass which is all the better for nitrogen.

    Have a great day in the green house and on the allotment. It’s always interesting to watch one of your videos.

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