Friday 6th May 2016 – What a hot afternoon.

I’m not complaining, just incase you were wondering. This morning I was working, so was only able to go down to my allotment this afternoon. Not that this was a problem at all. I think this is the last bit of work for this half term, so that means much more time to play with my plants. I managed to dig over another couple of beds which was great. I found another rogue Sarpo Mira potato, again it was a large one, so how I missed that I don’t know. I also harvested 5 more spears of Asparagus. They’re grow so much in the last couple of days. More are poking through the soil, so I’ll have to pick more on Monday! Mark’s complaining that his wee is smelling of Asparagus, but I think he’s making that up. I also managed to fill 6 tyres with chicken manure and soil and then plant some more Strawberries that have decided to grow outside the massive Strawberry bed I have. If any of them are really small, then they’re thrown away, but I want to find a new home for as many as I can, and I still have lots more tyres to fill.

Some more strawberries in their new home. Still loads more to do.

Some more strawberries in their new home. Still loads more to do.

After a couple of hours I came home. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will continue to be wonderful and then I can spend all of next week and the week after on my allotment. I’ve still got lots to clear before the mass planting out of tender crops begins at the beginning of June. I’ll keep you posted on everything I get up to.

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3 Responses to Friday 6th May 2016 – What a hot afternoon.

  1. Helen says:

    I like the sound of s massive planting of tender crops. The whole nation of gardeners is going to be in such a frenzy!

  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, yes, massive planting has started with me as well. Green beans, tomatoes, sweet corn, cabbage, pumpkins, watermelons, and the list continues to grow. I spent yesterday outside most of the day either gardening or mowing grass. I thought I was getting a nice start of a gardening tan until it all washed off in the shower last night.

    Have a great day on the allotment and I hope you used lots of sun screen on naked gardening day. 🙂

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