Wednesday 13th April 2016 – First of the Carrots are growing!

I love it when you look at the soil, and suddenly you see the first of your little seedlings growing. It’s such a magical experience, and you feel like a new mum looking down on your new born baby. Although when your Carrots start to grow, you don’t have to burp them, or change their nappies, and when they reach being a teenager they don’t eat you out of house and home. You eat them instead!! When I got on my plot this morning and did the usual stare at the soil before starting any work, I noticed the first of my Carrots seedlings growing. Nothing else is coming up yet, but there’s still plenty of time. Once I’d finished getting all maternal over them, I continued digging over the area where I’ve now planted some more of my Sarpo Mira potatoes. I’ve only got one tray left to sow and am planning on doing those tomorrow. Some of the soil is a bit clumpy so gets a bit tricky to weed, but I’m a grown up so I can cope with that. Just before I left, I noticed that some of my Rhubarb is growing really well. I don’t “Force” it, but just let it grow “Au natural”.

The Rhubarb is growing beautifully.

The Rhubarb is growing beautifully.

Yes I know I need to weed the bed, but I’ll get round to it…..eventually. I only made a little video today, I hope you like it.

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5 Responses to Wednesday 13th April 2016 – First of the Carrots are growing!

  1. Great post and video, thank you for sharing. I planted my first ever potatoes two weekends ago and did Sarpo Mira, hoping they will do well! Hoping to get my carrots, beetroot and springs onion seeds in this weekend 😊

    • Sarpo Mira don’t disappoint. Keep me posted on their progress, especially when you harvest them. You’ve got lots to get in this weekend, hope you get it all done.

      • Of course will keep you updated, hoping to go check on them tomorrow morning. Some people have said the ground is too wet but keeping my fingers crossed especially as it’s been dry the last couple of days and last weekend.
        Thank you, hoping for more dry weather!

  2. Thank you for sharing have a blessed day i have some carrots coming up as well in pots

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