Monday 11th April 2016 – Back to the allotment this morning.

Will it rain, or won’t it rain? That was the question I kept asking myself this morning before I left for the allotment. The answer…both! This morning started off lovely and warm and sunny, but as the morning went on the clouds gathered and then the rain started to pitter patter down. Nothing too hard, but just a bit annoying. Still I got everything done, I wanted to get done on the allotment, so that was ok. First of all I planted out the Shallots, and then got the King Edward Potatoes in. I still have all the Sarpo Mira to do, but will hopefully get those in this week. I dug over another bed and cleared up the broken glass from the allotment panes that broke during Storm Katie. I need to go and get 8 x 600mm panes and then a funny shaped one. I’ll do that on a rainy day (it’s April, we’re sure to have plenty of those). As I was digging over one of my beds I came across a birds wing. Bizarrely I didn’t find any other part of the bird, so what happened to that I don’t know. I had a chat with a couple of other plot holders, and Trevor (what a lovely man he is) gave me enough Purple Sprouting Broccoli for our dinner tonight. Thank you Trevor. The net blew off my Broccoli and before I could sort it out the pigeons had stripped each plant, little buggers they are. I may get out in the greenhouse this afternoon, but if not I’ll do it tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Monday 11th April 2016 – Back to the allotment this morning.

  1. Awesome update thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  2. Creative me says:

    I’ve got shallot seedlings… Hopefully they want the same treatment.
    A question: Some of my kale seedlings look great with big green leaves, and others have yellowed baby leaves, and the true leaves are much smaller. The smaller ones were planted in toilet rolls (same soil same seeds) the bigger ones are in plastic seedling pots. So are the toilet rolls poisoning the seedlings?

    • Yes the Shallot seedlings will be the same. Maybe wait until they’re a little bigger before planting them out. The toilet rolls aren’t poisoning the seedlings, but they need more compost. Put them in 3 inch pots including the loo roll so as not to disturb their roots.

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