Tuesday 5th April 2016 – Afternoon fun with Ironman!

After a lunch break and a bit of shopping, I was back in the greenhouse to see what else I could play with. My “Ironman” Broccoli is now ready to pot up into individual 3 inch pots. Even though it’s called Ironman, I didn’t dress up as any of the Marvel characters when doing it, and you’ll be pleased to know not even Black Widow. I don’t have the costume, or even remotely the same figure as Scarlett Johansson. My Broccoli seedlings are now about 3 inches tall, which is the perfect size to transplant. They have a good root system on them, so they should all be happy in their new pots. I’m sure they’ll be very happy as long as The Hulk doesn’t “SMASH!!”

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2 Responses to Tuesday 5th April 2016 – Afternoon fun with Ironman!

  1. Awesome update Claire thank you for sharing have a blessed day

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