Day out at Crystal Palace Park.

Today we went on a family trip to Crystal Palace Park to see the “Wrong Dinosaurs” as we put it. Oh, how things have changed from when they found these dinosaurs fossils during the Victorian Times, and how little they knew about them. But they’re great fun to see and listening to some parents tell their children, “Yes these were what they really looked like!”. The urge to correct them was immense, but I didn’t. Actually some of them were fairly accurate like the Ichthyosaurus, although they lived in the sea, rather than swamps, but I’ll let them have that one.

How the Victorians thought dinosaurs looked like.

How the Victorians thought dinosaurs looked.

When we’d finished with the dinosaurs we went to have a look round the little farm that they had in the park. There weren’t many animals, but it was free, which is always a good thing. You were allowed to stroke the animals, but must always be wary incase they bite. The only animals you weren’t allowed to touch were the snakes, scorpions and other dangerous tropical animals. But that was fine by me. They even had some very posh looking chickens, they’d only make my girls feel more scruffy then they actually are if I bought them home. We saw pigs, lambs, sheep, goats, ducks and geese.

What fluffy chickens you are, but not as cheeky as my girls.

What fluffy chickens you are, but not as cheeky as my girls.

Before we left the farm we all throughly washed our hands and then headed towards “The Maze”. Now we’ve been in the maze at Hampton Court a few times, and it’s very easy. This maze was a completely different ball game, you really had to use your brain. Once you were in, there was no getting out until you’d found the centre. It was like being on “The Crystal Maze” with Richard O’Brien, do you remember him? A little creepy at times. Now this maze was easier said than done. Emily and George raced off, I think they started together and then separated. But Mark and I stayed together. We came to a dead end a couple of times, and all I can say that I’m glad I was with Mark because with my sense of direction, if I was on m y own, I would still be finding my way to the centre now. George got to the centre first, then Emily a couple of minutes later, then Mark and I about 5 minutes after that. In the centre they’ve got the solution to the maze. A lot of bloody good that is when you’ve already found your way. To get out there was a very short exit route.

Out again finally!!

Out again….finally!!

We then went for a wander up the hill and found some Sphinxes. We all had a sit down on the steps and George being George had to lounge in between the front paws of one of the figures. I explained the differences between the beards. If it goes straight down they are alive, and if the beard curls up at the end, then they’re dead. We also saw the Crystal Palace antenna, although George thought they were somehow the Eiffel Tower? “How’s your Geography?” asked Emily. “Terrible!” replied George. Well at least he’s honest.

All hail King George, ruler of Crystal Palace Park.

All hail King George, ruler of Crystal Palace Park.

After another bit of a walk we stopped at an ice cream van for a little treat before we got in the car to come home. There is something about ice cream from an ice cream van that is just so lovely. The ice cream was very light and fluffy which was amazing. Once we’d finished it was time to come home. We had a lovely day and to park in the car park, get in the park itself and visit the farm, it was all FREE!! We’ll go again, but take a picnic in the summer I think.

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3 Responses to Day out at Crystal Palace Park.

  1. beeseeker says:

    Yes, as a child I was always fascinated by black and white photographs of the “wrong dinosaurs” in a type of encyclopedia (but I’m guessing right?) that my grandmother had.
    Kind of good to know they are still “alive and well”.

    • The dinosaurs are made of concrete and some have got cracks and small sections missing. They’ve completely redone one, but in the style of the original. I know they’re wrong, but there is something about them that is so wonderful.

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