Perennial Flowers

Planting flowers in amongst your fruit and vegetables is very important. They help with so many things, plus they look very beautiful as well. There are loads of flowers to choose from. Do you want Annuals (last only 1 year), Biennials (last for 2 years) or Perennials (come up year after year). The list is endless! I’m exhausted just thinking about them all. Today I’ve sown just 5 different varieties of flowers. All of which are Perennials, they are:Aquilegias “McKana Giant Mixed”, Alyssum “Gold Dust”, Armeria “Ballerina Mixed”,  Delphinium “Pacific Giants Mixed”, and Alstroemeria “Gardeners’ Store”. I hope you find some that you like as well.

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  1. Lovely update thank you for sharing have a blessed day

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