Wednesday 9th December 2015 – I’m still plodding on.

I know I keep saying this, but I really shouldn’t be up the allotment digging over beds at this time of year! It’s just so weird. Never mind, I’m not knocking it! And it was a glorious day today, felt like Spring! So I spent a couple of hours today working through more beds. Now it’s systematic, which is great, because then you feel that you’re actually getting somewhere. When I parked my car on site, I have to be very careful because I’ve already got stuck in the mud once and had to be pushed out, and nearly got stuck once, but made it out all on my own (aren’t I clever…or very lucky). I don’t want that to happen again and have no one around. Because I would be well and truly stuck, so to speak!! Fortunately there is a spot very near where I normally park so that’s good. I don’t usually park there because of the stinging nettles, but when you’re wearing your wellingtons it doesn’t matter. Yes I drive in my wellingtons. I know that some say you shouldn’t, but I suppose because I’ve done it so often I find it much easier than driving in heels. I don’t drive any distances, just from home to the tip, or allotment and sometimes ringing if there’s snow or a load of rain.

So that's one entire length done of plot 2.

So that’s one entire length done of plot 2.

I managed to get one entire side all perfect, so that’s a quarter of my entire area all done. The compost heap I’m emptying and having a reshuffle of a few things, but that’s a work in progress and will take a while to do. Once that was done I then moved on to the next bed to see how far I could get before I had to go home. I cut down all the old stems from the Jerusalem Artichokes and weeded the bed. If I want to harvest any over the winter I’ll just dig them up, as and when I need them. When the stems get all brown you can actually pull them off rather than use secateurs (bloody word I never know how to spell it). I managed another couple of beds before I needed to come home, but will hopefully be down again before Christmas, but it just depends on the weather.

The Jerusalem Artichoke bed all weed free. I don't know where my frog went.

The Jerusalem Artichoke bed all weed free. I don’t know where my frog went.

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5 Responses to Wednesday 9th December 2015 – I’m still plodding on.

  1. Linda Penney says:

    Lovely update thank you for sharing Claire have a blessed weekend

  2. Helen says:

    Horrible when you get stuck in the mud – happened to me once on a lonely, dark farm track. Fortunately, two women were visiting their horses at the same time!

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