How to cook Butternut Squash

“How do you cook Butternut Squash?” I hear you ask, well here is the answer…..

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6 Responses to How to cook Butternut Squash

  1. timxthomson says:

    I would add shallots in chunks, sprinkle of brown sugar, sprinkle of dried thyme, before putting in the oven! (However, I grow a different winter squash – Anna Swartz Hubbard – for flavour, which will keep for up to six months).

    • Shallot chunks sound great and thyme. But my butternut are quite sweet, so the sugar would make them too sweet. There are many different varieties of squash and some will need that sweet kick to them. I think I grew “Hawk Butternut” this year and they’re keeping very well in the greenhouse at the moment.They should keep for about the same amount of time, but I expect we’d have eaten them all by then.

  2. Linda Penney says:

    Awesome thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  3. mferland1 says:

    When I was reading your New Year’s post (Happy New Year to you and your family by the way) I realized I never let you know how much my family enjoyed your butternut squash recipe. It was an instant hit and will grace our table many more times (thank goodness for a bumper crop this past year). We even passed on the recipe to my in-laws, whose recipe for squash we usually make. Living in Vermont it involves boiling, mashing and of course adding maple syrup, which while it makes a nice puree, it had become a bit tired, so thanks again for a new idea. We really loved it. By the way, I’ll forget next month, so happy 21st anniversary too; my wife and I will celebrate our 29th this coming year.

    • Thank you. That’s made my day. It’s always good to pass on information, it’s the best way to learn something new. Thank you also for your anniversary wishes. And best wishes to you for celebrating your 29th this year. What month do you celebrate?

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