Friday 2nd October 2015 – Good old Sarpo Mira!!

I spent just a couple of hours on my plot today harvesting all sorts of goodies that I needed to take with me to the “Challock Chilli Festival” this weekend. I was pootling along quite happily and harvesting various items from Squashes, Radish, Tomatoes, Rhubarb, Cauliflower, Peppers, Cabbage, Beetroot, Sunflowers and Carrots. I then came to harvesting just 1 Sarpo Mira potato plant. Now why is it that when you harvest something that you are totally amazed by that no one else is around to share that joy with you? From just that one plant I managed to dig up a bunch of potatoes, weighing a total of 8lb 2.8oz!! The two heaviest ones weighed exactly the same at 1lb 4.3 oz each. I did mashed potato for 6 of us and then took the remaining potatoes with me to the Chilli Festival. I hope the rest of the Sarpo deliver the same amount of surprise as this one did, but I’ll keep you informed when I harvest them, which will be in the next couple of weeks I would imagine. I’ll do a video of me harvest some and hopefully I’ll dig up some massive ones so you to share my joy with me. But that was about it for today.

8lb 2.8oz from just one Sarpo Mira plant. What will the others give me?

8lb 2.8oz from just one Sarpo Mira plant. What will the others give me?

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4 Responses to Friday 2nd October 2015 – Good old Sarpo Mira!!

  1. Ian Hutchinson says:

    Hi Claire,
    I enjoy your blog as I started on my allotment earlier this year. I have been told though “never harvest rhubarb when there is a R in the month, as it needs to recoup its energy” Do you have any thoughts on this.


    • I think the never harvesting Rhubarb when there’s an R in the month is a bit of an old wives tale to be honest. I’ve always harvested my rhubarb for as long as I can. I’ve just done the last harvest. If it’s there and growing then I’ll harvest it. A lot of people only harvest in July and August, but mine is just getting going then. It may not be as sweet by the end of the season as it is at the beginning, but it’s great stewed and in crumbles. Put some ginger in with it to give it a little kick. I don’t force mine and just let it grow on it’s own accord. I’ve had my rhubarb for over 10 years no and it’s still going strong and getting better every year. Manure very thoroughly in the autumn, then it’ll be very happy.

  2. colorhound says:

    I know what you mean about no one to share the joy. When I find the first watermelon or first tomato, I am just smiling, turn around and no one there. What a bummer that is. Gene.

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