Tuesday 8th September 2015 – Afternoon – No Jam or Jerusalem, just gardening!!

Now this was something that I thought I would never do. I think the WI (Women’s Institute) are a brilliant organisation, and must be brilliant because they’re celebrating their 100th birthday this year!! I was contacted over a year ago to come and give them a talk about what I get up to on my allotment. Now as you know I can talk for England about what I get up to on my allotment. So I went with a selection of goodies from my plots, some that were obvious, like Potatoes and Carrots, and some that were a little on the bizarre side, like the Swan necked Squash and the Tomatillos. I was asked to talk for an hour (which is not a problem for me), and every item that I showed them I gave them little bits of bizarre, or useful, depends on how you look at it, information regarding them. Afterwards I signed lots of books for them, and got chatting to many of them before I left to come home. One lady who I talked to was 90!! She didn’t look it, but they offered me a drink and something to eat afterwards. I’ve asked them to pass on my information to other WI’s and if they would like to me come back another time, just to get in contact. I’ve done gardening talks to various groups but this was something very special. I’m also pleased to report that no one fell asleep!!

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