Tuesday 14th July 2015 – Let’s get a weeding!!

With plot 1 nearly to the standard that I’m pleased with, it was time to have a break from that plot, and start weeding and watering plot 2. I told Robbie that now we’re at the stage where all that needs to be done is weeding a bed, then watering it thoroughly with feed, harvesting anything from that bed and then moving onto the next bed and then doing the same. This can get a bit monotonous for those who like to chop and change. But for me, then sense of everything looking perfect and weed free is just what I aim for every year. Whether I get to that point is another thing, but it’s always good to aim for something. Also I harvested my first potato plant, which I gave the produce to Robbie to take home so that he could share them with his family at dinner time. I’ve still got a few of last years potatoes left at home in the shed, so I’d better use them up quickly before this years ones are ready. That means that all the ones I grew last year have lasted all year, and I’ve not had to buy any potatoes at all!!! This is what I aim to do, but it’s the first year that it’s happened. As Robbie and I were walking back to my car at 1pm he said to me, “Thank you for letting me do this with you.” I was so touched. I was hoping that he’d enjoyed himself, and learnt something useful. He replied, “I’ve learnt from the best.” He seemed a little shy, which is not like him at all. He has worked very hard  and even in some very hot temperatures, and I’ve only got him for a couple of hours tomorrow and Friday. Then I’m back on my own. Hopefully he can come and help me again during another college holiday, but we’ll have to see what he has planned.

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2 Responses to Tuesday 14th July 2015 – Let’s get a weeding!!

  1. Nice update Claire looking good nice wen you can get help

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