Wednesday 10th June 2015 – More Strawberries!

Well the strawberries are in full fling, so it’ll be a job and a half to harvest them. Still that’s what happens when you have as many as I do. Now that plants are going in at a fair rate I now how the wonderful task of weeding constantly. Some parts of my allotment have been left to go a bit wild recently so I’m working very hard on trying to bring it all back under control. It’s not easy, but hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll feel like I’m on top of it all….mostly!! I only had just over 2 hours today to play so basically that was all I did. Sorry it’s not very exciting. But Thursday I get to be on my plot all day if I want to. But we’ll see how long I can do, before I really need to go home because I’ve either run out of water or am completely knackered. It’s supposed to be hotter tomorrow so I’d better take care.

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3 Responses to Wednesday 10th June 2015 – More Strawberries!

  1. lovely update thanks for sharing

  2. Dave S says:

    Re the water issue, freeze water in plastic bottles to take to the allotment with you. Drink it as it melts and it will stay cold longer.

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