Friday 5th June 2015 – Flash!! Bang!!! Wallop!!!!…Then Sun?

Well that was how today started off. At 5.10am I awoke from such a lovely sleep to the sound of a faint rumble of thunder. My ears are tuned to various noises, our two children and thunder however faint. There were a couple of faint rumbles in the distance, nothing loud. So I turned over and tried to go back to sleep. These faint rumbles had not disturbed anyone else in the house, just me. Then at 5.30am there was the most almighty flash followed by a huge and very long bang! Mark and Emily woke at this point, both with a bit of a start. More followed for about 30 minutes before it finally rumbled off into the distance. Not only did we have the thunder and lightning, but also some torrential rain. In all our bedrooms the small windows were open so you could hear everything outside. Emily was then up (she gets up early as she wants to watch her favourite programme on the TV before the rest of us get up. At the moment it American Horror Story). Mark and I went back to sleep until our alarm went off at 7am. We then got up and I went to wake up George. Now if you were concentrating when you read the beginning of this blog then you may have realised that I never mention George’s reaction to the storm. There is a reason for that. He managed to sleep through the entire thing!! How this was possible I don’t know, but he’s done this before. He must completely shut down when he goes to sleep. I don’t even think he’d wake up if a comet the size of the one that killed the dinosaurs crashed into earth!! So he was a bit miffed that he’d missed it, he likes a good storm. They threatened more of the same weather all morning, so I decided that going to the allotment wouldn’t be a good idea. In fact we only had a very small amount of rain so I would have been ok. But I’ve been up the allotment when a storm has started and it’s not much fun. So after lunch the clouds cleared and the sun came out and it was a lovely afternoon, so I went in the greenhouse to do some potting on and sorting out. I potted on various varieties of Tomato, “Black Prince” which I have 9 plants for myself and 2 for my sister, “Banana Leggs” I have 5 plants. Then the Spanish Cucumbers, only 2 have germinated, but hopefully they’ll produce enough fruits for us. And finally some of the Sunflowers. I potted up 4 “Russian Giant”, 6 “Pacino Gold”, 4 “Teddy Bear”. 5 “Colour Parade” and 9 “Red Sun”. The “Italian White” are still too small to pot on yet so I’ll give them a little longer. Once that was done my friend Sally popped over and we had a chat, then Elaine came to buy some more eggs and then my sister popped over. What a busy afternoon. Then it was dinner and a sit down after all that excitement.

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