Friday 22nd May 2015 – George’s little “To do” list.

I was working this morning and George had an inset day from school, so while I was working I gave him a little list of jobs that I’d like him to do. It was nothing too taxing, and all the chores were something that I knew he would or should be able to cope with. Before I left this morning I went through them all with him and he gave me the obligatory “yeah, yeah” after each one. Which meant that he really wasn’t paying full attention and that I should expect several texts or phone calls as the morning went on. I said that if he did them all well, then I would give him a special lunch of Macaroni and Cheese. On his list was the following: Hang out the dark washing on the line. Put a white loads of washing on and then hang out on the line. Cardboard and plastic in the recycle bin. Change Food bin and put new bag in. Ice Cakes. Make beds (hopefully all 3). Dirty dishes in the dishwasher and wash up anything else. Post letter. I left everything that he would need on the kitchen side for him to find. Not long after I’d left home he called and wondered if he’d put the washing machine on properly, and then a bit later to ask if he should have put the dishwasher on. When I said he didn’t need to, he replied “oh I did”. So I told him to turn it off just by opening the door. I asked him if he put a dishwasher tablet in and he said he hadn’t (I don’t think he even knows where they are). I’m not sure how he thought they would get really clean with just hot water. When I got home EVERYTHING had been done!! I was very pleased with him. He enjoyed his Mac and Cheese and the rest of his lunch. I may have to train him (and the rest of the family) on the best way to hang out washing on the line. It’s something I’m very particular about. Still he tried very hard.

For a first attempt my George to hang out the washing it's not bad!!

For a first attempt by George to hang out the washing it’s not bad!!

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2 Responses to Friday 22nd May 2015 – George’s little “To do” list.

  1. annestrong22 says:

    How old is your son ? I am tremendously impressed ! I used to insist my children did their own beds and ironing as soon as they could reach the ironing board, my friends were horrified. Needless to say, they are grown up and their wives are very appreciative !

    • He’s 13 years old. I’ve left him and our daughter (15) at home on several occasion when I’ve had to pop out, but it’s the first time I’ve left a list of things for them to do. Seemed to work very well, so I’ll have to try it again. I’m not sure that I’ll get him to do any ironing for a while because he managed to spill soup on his hand at school and badly burnt 2 fingers. He makes a lovely cup of tea mind you.

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