Wednesday 20th May 2015 – Still battling my cold.

Now I thought my cold was going, but it just seems to have come back again. It just won’t budge which is really annoying. My nose is still blocked up and I’m still rather tired and also still have a rather delightful cough. I’ve tried everything from honey, lemon, ginger tea, Vickes, onions and garlic. But nothing will make it shove off. Does anyone have any other ideas that I can try? Preferably legal ones, as I don’t want to get in trouble with the local officers. I did get in the greenhouse this afternoon which did make me feel better and sowed the following: Climbing Beans “Blue Lake”. I know that some of you may be thinking that it’s a bit late to sow them, but over the years I’ve discovered that if you sow your French and Runner Beans 2-3 weeks before you plan to put them outside, they are the perfect size to move. Not too small, so they won’t survive, and not tall that they start to twist around each other. Beans are tender crops which means they won’t like frost. So check when your last frost date is in your area. For me it’s the very end of May. I sowed 3 beans per 3 inch pot in a triangle shape. Sometimes the germination rate isn’t brilliant, so if you sow 3 per pot, you know that you’ll have at least 1 plant per pot when you plant them out. I did 30 pots for myself and then had some beans left over so did 3 pots for my sister. I then sowed my Sweet Corn “Sparrow F1”. The seeds looked very shrivelled, but don’t worry when the water hits them they’ll swell up and then start to send out a shoot and root.  Again I sowed these in 3 inch pots and put 3 seeds in each pot. They’re easy to separate out from each other when they get too big, but again sometimes the germination rate can be a bit hit and miss. I remember one year I sowed an entire packet in a seed tray and only 3 germinated. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t the only one that this happened to. I managed to get 14 pots today, so hopefully I’ll have enough to put in a decent sized block outside soon. Then it was onto the Pop Corn. I’ve got a different variety this year which I bought in Spain last summer. Instead of the red variety I usually buy, this is white, so I’ll keep you updated on their progress. I hope they don’t want me to talk to them in Spanish, I have a very limited vocabulary. I’ve got 17 pots with 3 seeds in each pot so again I hope to have enough to make a block with soon. Then finally onto the Cucamelon “Melothria Scabra”. We do love these. They’re so easy to grow and are so much easier to grow than Cucumbers. If you’ve not tried them, do give them a go. They are perfect for beginners and little ones to try. I started mine off in a seed tray, but will pot them on into 3 inch pots when they’re big enough. The seeds are tiny, but then the fruits are tiny, and the little yellow flowers are just adorable. Well I think that’s it for the day. I might be able to sneak into the greenhouse again a bit later on when dinner is cooking, but I’ll see. If I do, I’ll let you know.

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6 Responses to Wednesday 20th May 2015 – Still battling my cold.

  1. roger says:

    try hot lemon with wisky

  2. keith says:

    So sorry to hear that your cold is still hanging on. I suggest you try my favourite cocktail. (A large Gin over lots of ice. With an even larger gin added 🙂 Yum……… drink lemonade later and take 2 paracetamol for the head ache you get in the morning 🙂

  3. Vincent Neale (Powerspade) says:

    For colds I take elderberry wine,
    With regards to sowing beans I start mine off in a bag of damp compost after a couple of days small tails appear an they are the one I pot up as I know they are ok

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