Monday 4th May 2015 – The force was strong with me today!!

Bank Holiday Monday, but also known as Star Wars day!! I left Mark and the kids at home to watch as many of the Star Wars films as they wanted, and I went for some “Me Time” on my allotment. Being a Bank Holiday, there were loads of plot holders busy at work, which was wonderful to see. We’re all getting ready for the busy time of June when all our tender crops can go out without any worry about frosts killing them. To start with I managed to turn over the last few beds, and weed those beds that have got plants already in. The only bed I have to sort out on plot 2 is the Jerusalem Artichoke bed. But this is going to take a little while, so I’ll leave that for a other day. I then moved on to plot 1, and started to sort through and weed my Rhubarb bed. The Rhubarb is growing really well so far, and I’ve already pulled up some. But I think I’ll need to pull up some more very soon. I’ve got to sort out the compost bins, but again that’s not a priority job. So when everything else is done, then I’ll hopefully get round to it. It’s all going well on the allotment, but I’ve still got lots of seeds to sow. This week is rather busy with one thing or another, but tomorrow is supposed to rain, so when I got home from work, I’ll pop in the greenhouse and see what I can do. I’ll let you know how I get on. So after 3 and a half hours on my plots to day it’s home for a rest before I’ve got to go out later.

My Rhubarb bed at neat and tidy.

My Rhubarb bed at neat and tidy.

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2 Responses to Monday 4th May 2015 – The force was strong with me today!!

  1. Did think of you today. Some of the autumn planted Raspberries are starting to send out green leaves and runners. I have a full season collection, and these seemed to be a bit behind the autumnal raspberries that were already getting leafy.

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