Wednesday 8th April 2015 – This scarecrow will give you nightmares!!

I continued today with the Onion and Carrots saga, and am slowly getting to the end. Only a couple more chapters left to go, and then I can move onto the next thing. I was only able to be down the allotment for just under 2 hours today, but I managed to get lots done in the time. First of all was a little chat with some fellow plot holders. We’re all getting going again, and it’s lovely to see people again after the winter break. I’ve managed to acquire a bench to sit on. Gavin who had his plot next to me has left after more years than he could imagine. They’ve moved away and I will miss him, he was so lovely. He wasn’t going to take his bench with him, so now it’s mine. I did sit on it to have my lunch, which he didn’t mind me doing. Then after our little chat, it was onto some more digging over on another bed, and planting out more Onions and Carrots. Again I did alternate rows and the varieties of Carrots I did today were finishing off the “Autumn King 2” and a complete packet of “Purple Haze F1”. Then a little watering with the few minutes I had left before I had to come home. As I was emptying my wheelbarrow, I noticed the scariest scarecrow in the entire world. I know that they’re supposed to scare away birds, but this one scared the bejesus out of me. I hope no child sees it otherwise Christmas will never be the same again.



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1 Response to Wednesday 8th April 2015 – This scarecrow will give you nightmares!!

  1. Catherine says:

    Brilliant scarecrow! There are some brilliant ones at the allotments at Kingston Lacey, worth a trip!

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