Friday 3rd April 2015 – What clever girls you are.

First off some wonderful news. Today was the first day that my 6 chickens laid 6 eggs. Well done my little ones, mummy is very proud of you! Five are what I’d call normal size and one is the size of a walnut. But it’s still an egg. I think that was laid by Gandalf. When we got her she had contracted GapeWorm, and after some medication from the vet she is now totally recovered. But it did take a very long time for her to get back to her happy self. Now she’s about 95% of the way there, and so today she laid an egg. Hopefully they’ll continue in this way. They’re obviously very happy now. Well, I do spoil them.

5 normal sized eggs and one iddy, biddy baby one.

5 normal sized eggs and one iddy, biddy baby one.

But onto gardening news. I spent the afternoon in the greenhouse and the garden planting and sowing. I spent some of my birthday money on various perennials, and they are filling in little gaps in various pots and beds. I still have to buy some more, but will get them in the next couple of weeks. I got a mixture of Heathers, Lupins, Foxgloves and Primulas. Hopefully they’ll be happy in their new homes and thrive. I put some plants in my Salad Bed which I got from Wood Blocx. I’ve sown various Salad Leaves, Spring Onions “Spring White Lisbon” and Radish “Bright Lights”. I’ve only sown a short row of each, but will sow some more in about a months time. I’ll add other bits like Tomatoes and Cucamelons, as and when they’re ready to go in.

The salad bed is taking shape.

The salad bed is taking shape.

I also sowed some White Mustard which is sitting on the kitchen window sill, Sprouting Broccoli “Red Arrow”, Celeriac “Monarch”, Cabbage “Savoy January King 3”, Butternut Squash “Hercules F1” and some more Lettuce Leaves “Green Mixed”. If you sow them each month, then you’ll get a constant supply over the spring and summer. It’s started to rain now, but I’ve got to start dinner, so that’s all for today. Maybe more tomorrw, but I’ll let you know.

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3 Responses to Friday 3rd April 2015 – What clever girls you are.

  1. Helen says:

    I hope Gandalf will soon be fully recovered!

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