Sunday 29th March 2015 – Windy day in the greenhouse!

I would just to make sure you know that it wasn’t me making all the wind in the greenhouse, after all I’m a lady and we don’t do that sort of thing!? It was blowing a gale outside today, and this afternoon I said to the family that I would be going to my greenhouse when George said, “You’re going in your ladies hole!!” Don’t ask, I don’t anymore. So off I popped (no windy pun intended) with a bunch of seeds to “My ladies hole”. The chickens are a little concerned about this windy business and kept giving me little noise as if to say “What is this?” Once safe in the greenhouse I started sowing. I made some more films for you to view, and Mark is working on them as I type this blog. First on the list were Nasturtium “Jewel Mixed”. I love these flowers, they make any bare place look glorious with their trailing flowers and leaves. They’ll grow in any soil, even dust if that’s all you’ve got. You can eat the flowers and they have a peppery flavour to them. The redder the flowers are the hotter they seem to be. The seeds look like little shrivelled up brains. Next I sowed some Aubergines, two varieties this year, firstly from W Robinson & Sons “Easter Egg” and secondly some little purple ones from Spain. I can’t pronounce them, but I’ll show you them when they’re growing. Then the first lot of the Tomatoes “Roma VF”. I’ve got loads more tomatoes to sow this year, all shapes and sizes and with some really odd and bizarre names. I’ll make a film about those when I come to do them, don’t worry. Then some Okra “Cajun Delight F1”. Okra is my nemesis, and I will grow some one year. I’ve changed variety so hopefully that will work in my favour. If I ever do grow some lovely Okra, I may just have to have an Okra party to celebrate. Then onto some herbs. I’m going to create at home a “Salad Bed” (don’t worry I’ll film that as well). This I will fill with all sorts of goodies you would have in a salad, from Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cucamelons, Spring Onions, Radish and a selection of herbs from Basil, Parsley and Chives. So I started off with the herbs today. I sowed Basil “Sweet”, Chives and Parsley “Giant of Italy”. And then finally some Tomatillo “Purple”. These are wonderful and I’ve grown Cape Gooseberries (which are from the same family) before, but the ones I’ve grown before were sweet ones, and these are more savoury. They originate from Mexico, and are great in salsa, so would be good with Fajita’s!! Well that’s all done for today, time to start dinner. TTFN!!

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