Hello Allotment, are you ready for some fun?

First day back to the allotment today to do some preparation for this year. I have been up to my plots, but only to harvest various bits and pieces. But today the weather was about 12 degrees and lovely and sunny so up I went, armed with my wellingtons and a flask of tea. There were only another 4 plot holders about, and the whole site looks very naked and bare at the moment, but then what do you expect for this time of year. Give it 3 months, and there will be loads going on and the site will look very green and pretty. I spent just under 2 hours on my plot this morning, firstly digging over one bed that had potatoes in last year. I found a few that I’d missed and now they’re home with me and we’ll have them for dinner tonight. I then covered that bed with some horse manure and then moved onto the soft fruit bed. Last year this got left to go wild, and as I’ve got some new Raspberry canes to put in it needs a massive sort out. I’ve dug and weeded a substantial amount of it today, but still have lots more to dig over. Once it’s all weed free, I’m going to put some weed suppressant down and then some wood chips on top of that, so it’s then easier to look after and keep tidy. So that’s my next job to work through. Hopefully it won’t take too long to complete. The soil is a little damp, but very easy to dig at the moment, perfect really. A good workout this morning was had at the allotment, so my treat at lunch time was a homemade (would it be any other) coffee and walnut cup cake, a Mary Berry recipe. I think I’ve earned it today.

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