What fantastic fun they had…with me of course.

Today I was at yet another school, this time in Leatherhead doing gardening workshops and reading Lottie and Dottie. This time the school was a little larger, but that doesn’t worry me. Firstly I had to read my book in assembly in front of about 130 children aged 2-6 years, and then I did 4 gardening workshops during the day. The two in the morning were with the youngest children, and we looked at bugs that you may find in your garden, and talked about their shape and colour. How they live and what they do. We then went outside and found loads of them. Once I’d managed to catch some, I passed them round for the children who wanted to hold them. Some were a little apprehensive so they “stroked” them instead. Which is fine by me. Then we looked at where they lived and they made a bug home for them to live in. They ran round the field and gathered up all sorts of wonderful bits and pieces from sticks, twigs, large branches, leaves and stones. We spoke about where a good place to put our bug home would be and why. We all wore our coats and wrapped up warm as it was rather chilly outside, but sunny. Then in the afternoon with the older 2 years we planted seeds. We looked at the shape and size of the seeds and how they would grow and what they needed to grow. One year grew Peas and the other year grew a selection of Lettuce, Mustard and Cress. Hopefully they’ll look after them well and they’ll grow well. I signed 45 more copies of my book, which I managed to do during the lunch time as I ate my lunch. Hopefully some more will come in soon, but I’m signing at a show in a couple of weeks, but I’ll let you know all the information about that soon.

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5 Responses to What fantastic fun they had…with me of course.

  1. Helen says:

    Brilliant work!

  2. Catherine says:

    I love that you passed bugs around – it’s good to know children are being taught about beneficial insects!

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