A Goodreads Robot Overlords book giveaway – ends 1st March

It’ll be worth a fortune in years to come, especially if it’s signed!!

Mark Stay Writes

Those lovely people at Goodreads, in association with those equally lovely Geeks at Gollancz, are giving away – yes! Giving away! – ten copies of the Robot Overlords novelisation.

Ten copies! That’s (taps calculator)… lots of money I won’t ever see because of their insane generosity. It’s called “marketing” or something.

“But how do I stand a chance of winning?” you ask. Simple, just click here and then click on the ‘Enter to win’ button. Yes, it’s really that straightforward: two clicks… You’d be insane not to give it a try.

But hurry, it ends on the 1st of March!

9781473204867 This thing of beauty for no pennies!

PS. Be sure to check the Ts&Cs, as this offer is only available in Great Britain.

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4 Responses to A Goodreads Robot Overlords book giveaway – ends 1st March

  1. WHAT dose this have to do with Gardening and Cooking

  2. He’s co written a film, which is out in the cinemas on 27th March 2015. This is a tie in novel, which he’s written all by himself, and is out today!!

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