Monday 26th January 2015 – Time to Chit your potatoes.

I’ve just done the first gardening job for the new season. My potatoes arrived recently, and I’ve just cleared the tops of the kitchen cupboards ready to house them for the next 6-8 weeks. I always chit my potatoes on top of my kitchen cupboards. They do really well up there. Make sure when you do chit your potatoes that you put them in full fun, and in a frost free place. If the frost gets to them now, then all the shoots that have started to develop will die and you will either loose your crop entirely, or get a very poor one. You can either put them in egg boxes, or do as I do and put them on metal trays. This year I’ve only got 2 varieties from Mr Fothergill’s and they are 1 bag of King Edwards, and 3 bags of Sarpo Mira. They both did incredibly well last year, and I got some record sized potatoes from my Sarpo Mira. So that’s the first job done, the next one is the onions and garlic, but I’ll blog about those when I’ve done them.

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