My New Toy!!

I’ve just ordered myself a new toy and soon I’ll get 6 little toys to go inside. Hopefully those 6 little toys will lay lots of eggs for us. Thank you to Gardens 4 Less for having the perfect home for my new chickens!!! I hope they enjoy your “Superior Mosley Freestanding Coop and Run”. I’ll keep you posted on how they get on. Just got to hunt down some ex battery hens to save, and give them a happy life. Many years I got my Butt Pump from Gardens 4 Less and they were brilliant. Anyone know who sells ex battery hens in Surrey?

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10 Responses to My New Toy!!

  1. ladyclarington says:

    Hurrah!! I brought a recycled chicken coop for my birthday last year. Its sat in the garden awaiting my partner building a secure run for it to go in and we’ll be homing some bantams come spring!

    I hope you have fun: hens are the funniest of creatures!

  2. Malcolm Blick says:

    Hi Claire, I registered on this site ( and picked up some ex-bats from Cranleigh. Is this near where you live?

  3. keith says:

    Hens. Well done. I’m sure you will enjoy them. We have had hens / chickens for about 5 years now. The eggs are great. They taste MUCH better than bought ones and you also get loads of chicken mature to add to help at the allotment 🙂 Be VERY careful with your local foxes. They will seen know you have chickens !!

    • My parents had them when we were younger, they are beautiful little creatures. I’m looking forward to the fresh eggs, however, neither Emily or I can eat them, but the boys can. I;m sure I’ll have some takers for any spare ones I have knocking about. I’ll watch out for the foxes. We do have some locally, but I’ll lock the chickens safely up in their house each night.

  4. daphnecybele says:

    Congratulations, so exciting!

  5. sewgrowblog says:

    So great you are re-homing chickens instead of getting them from a breeder. What a kind soul. Can’t wait to see pictures!

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