I’m still tidying the garden

I’m getting the garden ready for winter, but it’s taking a rather long time, as I have to dodge the showers. This can get a bit annoying as you get really stuck into something, and then have to stop due to the rain. I was tidying the flower bed over the weekend, and came across a little frog hiding under my lilac. I managed to get a photograph of it before it hopped away, it’s a bit blurred, but hopefully you can see him/her. I’m not sure where it came from as I don’t have a pond and there are no lakes near us, just a stream about a quarter of a mile away. Still it doesn’t matter how it got to my garden, I hope it stays and eats my slugs and snails. I’ll look after it well.

My little frog, I'm not going to kiss him.

My little frog, I’m not going to kiss him.

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