Wednesday 24th September 2014 – Only a short while.

I was very busy this afternoon, so decided that I would pop to the allotment in the morning, to see what I could do. Mark dropped me off at the allotment gates as he had to go into town, so I was without a car. The weather was very cloudy, but no rain was falling when I arrived. As I started to dig the Onion bed over it started to drizzle. This I was a little perturbed by, but it was only a few spit spots. It then became a light drizzle, and then finally a heavy drizzle. This I was not amused by! So after only 40 minutes on my plot, I had to accept defeat and leave to come home. I didn’t even manage to finish digging over the bed I’d started, but hopefully tomorrow will be better so I can carry on.

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