Friday 26th September 2014 – I must save my energy.

I popped to see what I could do for just a couple of hours today. I’ve got to conserve my energy for tomorrow evening when I do my Shine Walk. The weather looks good, which is great news. So I took it rather leisurely today on my plot, well leisurely to me, maybe not for other people. I turned over the bed where the Sweet Corn grew this year, and removed some rather nasty growing stinging nettles. I managed to not get stung by these. Which is more than can said for the ant bite I got yesterday. It is itching like made, and still red and swollen. If only I could find something that would make them not want to live in my allotment, I’d be very happy. So with that all done, it was time to come home for some lunch. I’ll let you know how I get on with my walk. I’ll take lots of photos, and hopefully tweet as I go round. I will blog about it, but not as soon as I get home as I’ll need to sleep first. Good luck to everyone who is taking part, whether you are doing the half or the full marathon. Shine like a star!!

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