Tuesday 2nd September 2014 – Pine berry runners.

“What are Pine berries?” I hear you ask. Well I shall tell you. Sometimes they’re called White Strawberries and I did a video about them some time ago. I bought 3 plants for about £9 I think, I may be wrong about the price. I then planted them in a belfast sink that I have on my patio. I’ve had them for 2 years now and didn’t get any fruit off them this year, which I’m not sure why. Anyway, whilst I was on holiday they sent out loads and loads of runners. Some had crept under the fence and gone next door, so I spent yesterday afternoon retrieving them, and cutting off all the runners and potting them on into 3 inch pots. They’re now sitting on my garden table quite happily and will stay there until they’re a bit larger and have some decent roots on them. I’ll then plant them in the thin border to fill up the spaces under the climbers. I’ve got 44 new plants, so even though they many have seemed a little expensive to start with, they’ve definitely made up for it now. I just hope I get some fruit next year.

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    Awesome and thank you for sharing have a blessed day

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