Don’t worry allotment, Auntie Michelle will look after you.

I popped up the allotment today to do a last minute check and harvest before we go on holiday. It’s all growing really well, and as we’ve had loads of rain in the past few days there was no need to water. Hopefully the weather will be kind to the allotment when we’re away this time. I harvested some more green Climbing French Beans, just enough for us to have with dinner and then had a good look round my plots to do a final check. When we go away to Spain my wonderful sister looks after my allotment and my garden at home. It’s a huge ask for her as it does take all morning or all afternoon. But she is very welcome to take whatever produce she needs or wants for her troubles. I also tend to buy her a little gift of some sort as well, because of what she has to do. So as I left this morning I told the allotment, not to worry when I’m away because auntie Michelle knows exactly what she’s doing and will look after them all really well. When I told Mark this, he though I was rather odd (no change there) and that the plants don’t know you’re away. But they do know!! It’s great to be able to leave it all in the capable hands of someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. I wouldn’t trust many other people with it all. So we’re nearly packed, just the last minute toiletries to put in, a very early night as we have to get up about 3am to leave by 4am!! I think a snooze on the plane is in order. This year we’re spending 3 days in Seville, then stopping off at Granada on the way to mum and dad’s. Oh the pool is beckoning. Oh the joy of loads of sun and the odd spit spot of rain (which doesn’t happen very often). See you in Spain!!

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