Sunday 13th July 2014 – Box Hill is a long, long climb!!

Now if you add up what I walked today, which is from home to bell ringing, bell ringing to Polesden Lacey, Polesden Lacey to Box Hill view point and then finally from Box Hill back home, it all adds up to an astonishing 22.5 miles!!! I had a loo break at Polesden Lacey, and then sat down for 5 minutes when I got up the top of Box hill, to have a look at the view, which I think I was entitled to. Well I think you would have a sit down after you’d just walked all the way up Box Hill, as it’s rather steep and a very long way. I also had to stop halfway up to get my water bottle out and take a well earned swig of water, and then I continued on and on and on. I used the bridal path as it was safer than the road. However, the road  would have been easier on my little legs to walk up, but there are too many cars, and hair pin bends to make walking up the Zig Zag safe. I’m not sure if I’ll be walking up it again, as I know what’s in store for me on my way up. The path seemed endless, until finally I spotted Box Hill Fort and knew that the end was in sight. That was a good cardiovascular work out though. At least the walk down was all down hill so that’s the silver lining to walking up a hill. I think that I’ll drive up next time, it’s much easier. Needless to say I was a bit cream crackered when I got home. So I had a shower, put on my pj’s and had a well earned cup of tea and a sit down. Now where to next time?

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