Monday 16th June 2014 – Lots of Strawberries!

I was back to the allotment today after my little trip away. It was good to see it again, I know it sounds strange, but I missed my allotment. Fortunately it had behaved itself very well, and the plants were growing really well. I started with some weeding, going through the beds that I’d done before I went, and just had to dig out a few weeds that had popped up. Then I continued from where I’d left off with the watering. So it was a thorough weed of a bed, then a thorough water using the Seaweed Fertiliser. I managed to get another couple of beds done, and then I had my lunch. Afterwards it was time to pick some more Strawberries. I’d not picked them for 5 days, so many of them had ripened. In fact as I was picking them, I found more and more. It actually took me about and hour and a half to pick them all!! I filled up my trug, which is quite large, and they were piled high. I think I’ve now got enough for lots of jam and some to have for pudding later on today. I’d better find a recipe.

I hope they taste as good as they smell!

I hope they taste as good as they smell!

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2 Responses to Monday 16th June 2014 – Lots of Strawberries!

  1. Karen Gray says:

    How many strawberry plants do you have Claire?

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