I didn’t get lost this time?

Well I nearly did, but I kept to the roads this time when I was out training for my Shine Night Walk. Today I needed to walk for at least 1 hour 30 minutes. So after bell ringing off I went in a different direction. It’s another scorcher of a day, so my bottle of water only just lasted. I actually walked for 1 hour and 38 minutes and I managed to walk 4.56 miles according to the app that I’ve got on my phone. So I’m nearly a fifth of the way there. Still a long way to go. But it’s good fun walking round the roads, you get to look at peoples houses and front gardens, and decided which road you’d like to live in. Loads of people were out today, I did come across one lady who was power walking, and she was swaying her hips and bottom to and fro. I think I’d wobble too much if I did that, so I’ll keep to my fast walking pace. When I got home I downed a pint of water, and then had a bit of a sit down. I think I’d earned it.

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