Friday 16th May 2014 – I had an hour to spare.

Now I was working this morning, and after I’d had my lunch there wasn’t much time to spend up the allotment, but spending a little time is better than spending no time at all. So I had one job left that I’d not managed to get done the day before and that was to get my Leeks in. So armed with a broom handle and a tray of Leeks I set to work. You’re most probably wondering what I’m using the broom handle for, well I shall enlighten you. I’ve been hunting around for ages to find a larger dibber. I have a small plastic one, but it doesn’t make holes that are big enough for the leeks. So having practically given up finding something, I suddenly saw a wooden broom handle for £2.99 in my local garden centre. It’s the perfect width (it’s all about the width) for making holes for my leeks. And it has a soft part up the top to put my palm on when I’m pushing it in. So that’s what I did today for an hour. So, make the hole about 4 inches deep, pop the leek in, and then fill the whole up with water. So that’s one variety done, just the other lot to go, but they were planted later, so they’re not quite ready yet.

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4 Responses to Friday 16th May 2014 – I had an hour to spare.

  1. Have never tried to grow leeks – partly because I thought the soil in my garden would be too much for them, but maybe now I have an allotment….. Good to spot the broom 😉

    • If your soil is clay, then you can still grow leeks. When you make the whole, put a cardboard tube in, and then some compost in the bottom of the hole. Keep adding the compost gradually so that the tube loosely fills up with compost. Don’t compact.

      • Thanks for the tip – will try leeks next year as I think it is a bit late to start now. I know leeks grow on my allotment but I thought the would be too difficult!

  2. It is a bit late now to start leeks off. They are a bit fiddly to plant out, but then they just sort themselves out. Give them a go.

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