Thursday 24th April 2014 – Peas are in, and bean poles are up.

It’s been another glorious day today, but rain is due the next couple of days, so I made use of the fine weather. This morning I managed to clear another bed, which was good news. My friend Clair may be able to get me some more manure in just over a week, so I need to have beds ready to be manured straight away. I also decided where I was going to grow my beans this year. You must never grow them in the same place year after year, because the soil needs time to replace all the goodness in the soil that the beans need to grow. When setting up a support for your beans, be them French or Runner, either make a round wigwam or a long ridge support. It depends on how much room you have. I’ve got space for 2 ridge supports. But I have grown them in round wigwams before. They both grow just as well. I’m growing Climbing French this year, but won’t sow them until the beginning of May, so I’ll let you know the variety then. But today I sowed a row of Sugar Snap Peas “Sugar Ann”. I’ve only sown a short row now, and will sow another short row in about a months time, and continue doing this until the seeds have gone. Sugar Snaps like Mangetout don’t freeze at all well, so they have to be eaten as and when they’re ready. So it’s best to sow them little and often. This year I’ve supported my Sugar Snaps with short sticks, criss crossing over each other. I’ve tried all sorts of ways, and I find that this works best. I have made a video, which I’ll have to ask Mark to put up soon, then you can see. Some packets say they don’t need supporting, but having done what they packet says most of the time they do.

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