Tuesday 22nd April 2014 – One back, the other tomorrow.

Well George is back to school today after the Easter break, and Emily is back tomorrow. It’s been a wet night and morning, so going down the allotment wasn’t really an option. But I had some seeds to sow in the greenhouse, so it was time well spent. Firstly I sowed some Okra “Clemson Spineless”. This can be very tricky to grow in the UK as it needs heat, and we don’t always get it. It may have to grow inside the house on the kitchen window sill, and if we do have a very hot summer, then it can go in the greenhouse. I’ve never been very successful with it, but I’m determined one year to be able to harvest some. I also sowed some Sweet Pepper “Romano Mixed”, these tend to do fairly well, so I’ll keep you posted on how they get on. Then it was time for some Sorrel “Red Veined”. I’m sowing this as I would mixed lettuce leaves, and will grow every month or so, to get a continuous supply throughtout the summer. And finally some Chick Peas, again these need heat and humidity, which sometimes we lack in the UK. I’ve also started these off inside on the window sill, and will have to see how the summer turns out to see if they can go outside or stay in the greenhouse. As Lottie and Dottie sow Carrots is out, I’m making some little films on how to sowing, grow and harvest. I hope they work well with the book. I chose “Paris Market 5” which are little round orange carrots. Tomorrow is supposed to be good, so I’ll be down the allotmeht for several hours hopefully. Got lots to do.

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