Are we not supposed to do this?

Snails have wings? I didn’t you know they could fly! Oh, we do have to help them a bit though. Fabulous story on the BBC…  But only do when the neighbours don’t notice.

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7 Responses to Are we not supposed to do this?

  1. david fowler says:

    Hi Claire

    Interesting , I chuck them over the fence too !

    firstly really enjoy your videos. Best on YouTube in my opinion, very easy to follow

    I some questions I wondered if you could answer please

    1. Can you you still use seeds past there use by date on the packets …

    2. compost in pots , I use this in the garden . do I need yo change this each year or can use the same compost in pots each year… concerned with expense and labour of changing each year.

    3. will compost in bags and plant food , liquid and powder last longer than a session . Unclear to what shelf life is on these products

    hope you can help

    thanks in anticipation


  2. mrsoates says:

    There have been a few times that I’ve been in the garden surveying the slug/snail damage when one flies past me!

  3. Jen Gardener says:

    Haha love it! I’ve definitely been known to do this. I feel bad killing them, but at the same time don’t want them in my garden… it’s the logical solution!

  4. Lol i do just the opposite, if i am outside and find one, i throw them back over my fence. I dont use any chemicals or kill any critters in my piece of land, so i think they find sort of safe ground there… live and let live.

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