Sunday 13th April 2014 – Let’s get potting up!

I spent the afternoon in the greenhouse sorting out various seedlings and potting them up. The greenhouse is getting quite full now, which is great. I’m having to shuffle bits about to make extra room. But I’ve still got loads more to sow, so that’ll be fun finding space for them. So far I potted up my Butternut Squash “Hercules”, Kohl Rabi “Modrava” and my Cauliflower “Graffiti”. I took the very best for myself, and the next best I’ve potted up and will give to my sister. I did the same last year, and she got a variety of seedlings as and when I did them. She’s only got a small garden (smaller than mine actually) and so uses the borders and various pots to plant all her fruit and vegetables in. With the allotment this morning and the garden this afternoon, I’m pooped, so pj’s on and time for bed (said Zebedee).

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1 Response to Sunday 13th April 2014 – Let’s get potting up!

  1. lovely update Claire thank you for sharing

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