Thursday 10th April 2014 – Lots more seeds!

Well I had an exciting time in the greenhouse this afternoon sowing some seeds that can be sown from April onwards. Firstly I sowed some Atlantic Giant Pumpkin seeds that I’d saved from my pumpkin last year. I managed to grow a decent sized one, but hopefully I’ll be abe to grow an even bigger one this year. When saving seeds from the previous year, you have to make sure that you wash and dry them thoroughly. I left mine on some kitchen towel on the kitchen window sill for several weeks. They did stick to the paper a bit, but that doesn’t matter. I then put them in a paper envelope and labelled them. Don’t put them in a plastic bag, otherwise they may go mouldy. Before you sow them, you need to make sure they’re viable, which means they will grow. You can do this by gently pressing the seed, and if it feels firm then they’re ok. If it’s soft they won’t grow. I then sowed some more Ambrosia Cantaloupe Melon seeds that I got from Chuck Fenster. They grew well last year, so hopefully I’ll get some more good melons again. Also some Lettuce “Beet Bulls Blood Soldier” which I did get from Thompson and Morgan, but they don’t seem to do it anymore, Cucamelons, Chop Suey Greens, Leeks “Musselburgh”, Broccoli Spring Sprouting Mixture and finally some more Celery “Sigfrido” I did sow some a while back, but nothing has happened. The seeds are a little past their best (should have been sown by December 2012) but I’ll give them another go.

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5 Responses to Thursday 10th April 2014 – Lots more seeds!

  1. Reblogged this on Linda's wildlife garden and commented:
    Awesome post Claire hope they all germinate for you

  2. david fowler says:

    hello Claire

    in terms of sell by dates … how strict are these, if for example the expiry date of seeds is june 2014 … do you think they can be in 2015 . that also applies to things like compost , plant foods , tomotoe foods. , chicken manure both solid and liquid. would be interested to hear other peoples experiences or recommendations



    • To be honest, I think it’s just a guide line. I’ve sown some cabbage seeds this year and they’re 2 years past their date and they grew fabulously. To be honest I think it’s just a guideline also for compost and feeds. I keep my compost from one year to the next and it seems fine. I’ve still got tomato feed and seaweed feed from last year and I’ll use those this year.

  3. Richard says:

    Do you have much luck growing celery from seed? I have no luck at al. They germinate ok but the just diel. I bought some plug plants last year and even they karked it. Wish I could grow it as I love celery

    • The first lot that I sowed this year just didn’t grow, I didn’t even get one, so recently I sowed another lot, and I’l still waiting to see what they’ll do. I do remember sowing some a couple of years ago, and they sprouted beautifully, and I got loads of seedlings, but then I think I was really ill and couldn’t get out to the greenhouse for several days, so I lost them all. I was very poorly. I’m determined to grow some one year, as I love celery.

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