Monday 7th April 2014 – Popcorn hurts!

Now the kids are on holiday, they can help me with various things around the house and garden. I don’t use them as slaves, just incase you’re wondering, but if they’re looking bored, or I’m doing a job that seems to be taking forever, I ask them to lend a hand. This morning I had one of those jobs. All my popcorn from last season has been drying  beautifully and I wanted to get all the kernels off the cobs, and to store it in an air tight container. If you don’t know, popcorn kernels are quite sharp, and after a while they start to hurt your thumbs. We finally got most of it done before lunch, and then I finished off the rest whilst watching Doctor Who on the TV. We did loose some kernels on the floor, but it just pings about, and sometimes you have no control over it. We now have loads of popcorn to last us for a while, so I can just take out a handful of kernels, and pop them in the saucepan, and hey presto…a snack! Then this afternoon I went out in the garden and finished planting the Pumpkins “Charmant PMR F1” for Georges’ Sea Scout group, there were a few left over, so I’m keeping them for myself. I then made a couple films, the first one was about the various varieties of tomatoes I’ve got this year “San Marzano 2” which you have to say in an Italian accent, “Big Red F1” and “Green Zebra”. I also planted some Sweetcorn “Swift F1”. Then as the drizzle started I put in some new herbs into my herb patch. It got a bit trampled when we had the fence done, but several of the plants had done their time, and it needed refreshing, so with some of my birthday money I got the following at Nymans on Mothers’ Day: Thyme “Snowdrift”, Oregano “Country Cream”, French Tarragon, Marjoram “Dwarf” and “Golden”, Sage “Pineapple”, a Bay and some Summer Savory. They cost me £2 each for the small pots, and then £3 each for the Tarragon and the Bay. That should make it exciting. Time now to come in and start dinner soon. Tomorrow is supposed to be good, so I’ll see if I can pop to the allotment and put in some potatoes.

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6 Responses to Monday 7th April 2014 – Popcorn hurts!

  1. keith says:

    Lovely blog (as always) Well done you. I am an ex-teacher and am always pleased to hear that parents are happy to involve the children 🙂
    Lots of seeds started. Well done you. My wife starts mine off. (That’s division of labour!)

  2. You mean my slaves ARE CHILDREN?! Oh dear 😆😆
    Looking forward to the films. Xx

  3. paul says:

    Good blog inspires me to get on with planting. i too am growing some San marzano too,
    I have taken advise for the Alderman peas they looking good scrabbling up the canes you told me to use , i hope they be ok in any frost we might get.

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