Saturday 15th March 2014 – Beautiful day to be pottering about in the garden.

I have wonder for such a long time as to whether the weather would ever start to cheer up a bit, and if we would ever see the sun. I have so longed to spend the whole day in the garden pottering about giving it a tidy up, but thought that it would be a long way off. But today it happened. I spent most of the morning and most of the afternoon doing exactly that. I didn’t have a care in the world. The music was playing, my sunglasses were on, and there I was just in a t-shirt (well I had leggings on of course.) I managed to sort out every part of the garden, pruning, weeding, and generally tidying up. Once I’d finished the back garden, I them did the front garden. Now it’s all ready for the summer. I have loads of daffodils and tete a tete’s in the front garden, flowering away and looking wonderfully yellow. There are loads of varieties to choose from, so check out the Thompson and Morgan page. The tulips are starting to come up in the back garden, and the trees and bushes are starting to show their buds. My various lettuce seeds are just coming through the soil, and the greenhouse is getting lovely and warm during the day, so the door has to be opened. Life is good because I can get in the garden again.

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