Now don’t think badly of me because I had to buy some onions.

Well the time has now come. It was inevitable really, and I couldn’t put it off for any longer. I’ve officially run out of my own onions, except for a few very small ones that I roast whole with the chicken. Yet again I didn’t sow enough last year. I think they’ve lasted me longer than they usually do, so that’s a good thing. The ones in the shop aren’t as nice as mine. Please don’t think of me as a traitor to the gardening profession.

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17 Responses to Now don’t think badly of me because I had to buy some onions.

  1. Don’t stint your veg eating because you run out! As long as you buy local if you can and share your own surpluses.

  2. you can not help running out of onion’s Claire even the best folk must run out of something that they do not tell us about chin up soon be sowing some more maybe try some on your greenhouse to over winter in their

  3. c swan says:

    I don’t think I have planted enough! How many do you usually plant ?

  4. I don’t think anyone can grow enough onions on an allotment if you grow a good variety of other crops as well. I always run out in the spring – no shame!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Just discovered your inspiring blog. Really enjoying it. I’ve just taken on an allotment so I shall be looking out for lots of tips! Thank you for writing about your experiences

  6. stevemoulson says:

    LOL I’m onto my last onions also so will be doing the same buying shop ones,will have to sow more this year to last even longer. I think I planted around 300 onions last year,I did lose a few to mould and rot but still had a good harvest.

  7. alderandash says:

    You made it to the end of Jan before running out, tho – respect! I have really enjoyed your youtube videos, they have been a huge help as I started veg growing. I’ve just found your blog, I’m sure there will be lots for me to learn here too. Thank you! Lucy

  8. Meir G. says:

    I have been following your blog for quite a while, but never had the time to say anything. I working in the culinary field of farm to table farming and had a garden myself. I understand the best is when you grow them yourself, but from time to time as long as you buy local, there is a problem getting from your neighbors garden, if you catch my drift!!

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